500 Days of Summer

This isn't really a movie review, in any case it's way too late for that.  

My boyfriend Toni and I watched 500 Days of Summer some time ago, after I watched it with friends a day before, a sort-of censorship screening if you will. I’m very mindful of the films we watch together as he does have a tendency to over-internalize. We could be watching a movie about a faithless lover, a nagger of a wife or a neurotic nut, it hardly matters, at the end of the film he will turn to me and, with sincere worry, ask “are you gonna be like that?” or in the case of the nut, he’ll scoff and go “you are soooo like that!” It gets annoying.  

I was afraid 500 Days was one of those movies we were gonna have to avoid. I hate the-one-that-got-away stories the most. We both like to pretend we’re each other's "first" love. In his case he says I don’t need to pretend as I am the first girl he factored in his life in a real way. *Melts*  

Back to the movie, as my friend Patty so aptly surmised, “(500 Days) is a movie about a girl he can’t get over but, it’s also a movie about why he should.”  

As far as stories about love that aren’t love stories go, this one’s really accessible. I abhor romantic comedies with their requisite public-declaration-of-love scenes. Who does that? No one does that! Making a complete tush of yourself does not a love story make.  I can’t stand cringe-inducing scenes and  rom-coms are ripe with them.

I’d like to believe the reason I’m so unimpressed and unaffected by rom-coms despite being the quintessential romantic, girly-girl that I am is that they have nothing on my stories. How can I suffer their trite and worn out lines when I’ve heard (and on occasion, given) the most stirring and poignant of them all? My stories are better, even the bad ones are better in that they are so much more horrible. I’ve had better. I’ve heard better. I’ve been better. But enough gloating.
I thoroughly enjoyed 500 Days. It’s not just because I enjoyed seeing the girl (Summer/ Zooey Deschanel), inflict damage on the guy (Tom/ Joseph Gordon Levitt) for a change. Not really. In fact it bothered me how much I understood where she was coming from. I couldn’t hate her, I saw too much of my friends in her.  

As for me, I'm nobody's Summer (as far as I know). I'm much too kind (or much too cruel, it depends on which guy ask). I'm Autumn.     

The soundtrack was well thought out. I’m a fan of the Smiths and I think Carla Bruni is a goddess and I LOVE LOVE LOVE She’s Like the Wind.

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