I have I-lash!

Lots of them!

Some girls need to be in dresses/skirts/lacy lingerie/the arms of a tall dark and handsome man to feel womanly. I've never been "one of the boys" and I've never needed any help getting in touch with my femininity, but there is one thing that makes me feel even girlier it would have to be pretty eyelashes that I can bat incessantly until I get my way. Sad to say I wasn't born with thick, sooty lashes like a cow's, so thank God for falsies.

I had half a mind NOT to mention this to anyone. Would one brag about a nose job or a boob job? But I'm not really fooling anyone, am I? They're too pretty to be real.

I picked "fine and medium length" imagine what "mascara and heavy" must look like!

I had mine done at I-lash Salon in Eastwood. It had me on my back, eyes closed for nearly two hours, but it was worth it. :) Big shout out to Yeng, the owner/manager and a very good friend of mine.

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